Beginner web hosting tips (101)

Launching a website can be hard, but managing it can be even harder. There are many people paralyzed by the thought of having to work with a Web host, especially if they aren’t technically inclined. While there is a bit of a learn curve, you definitely don’t need a degree (or even much skill) with programming languages or servers to run your website. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Remember the Price If you look at hosting reviews, then you will find most people downing shared hosts because they aren’t as powerful as VPS or dedicated hosts.

However, unless you are running a corporation, there is no reason to get VPS or dedicated hosting accounts because you won’t have that many visitors. It’s best to pay the $10 a month now for shared hosting than the $100 or more for dedicated hosting if you don’t need it. cPanel is Your Friend There are several different website administration panels, but the best one by far is cPanel. This panel is intuitive and easy to use. It also offers features that allow you to quickly install scripts like WordPress and ZenCart. While it might take a few days to get the hang of cPanel, there are plenty of videos and guides to help you with everything. The same cannot be said for the other admin panels.

Free Things and Low Prices Almost every host offers free things (like a free domain) and low initial prices to lure you in. There’s nothing wrong with these promotions, but you should think about potential consequences. For example, who owns the domain? Do you, or does the hosting company? Another thing to consider is how much will the domain cost when it has to be renewed in a year? Most hosts charge two to three times the normal renewal price. You should also see how much hosting will cost after the initial period is over. If the price is just a few dollars more a month, then this isn’t too bad. If it’s double or triple, then you should choose another host.

Avoid Commitment Many hosts offer insanely low hosting prices if you pay upfront for one or two years. This isn’t necessarily bad, but you should ensure that you are using a good host before forking over hundreds of dollars. Not only are you stuck with the host until the commitment is finished, but your website might suffer if the host isn’t good. Research the company and ensure that things are good before putting down this much money. Use Support Are you having a really hard time understanding your host? Or, does your website seem to be nonfunctioning or hacked? Every reputable Web host has a support team to help with these situations, but many newcomers feel intimidated about contacting support.

This is especially true if you aren’t good with technology because you may have a hard time understanding the terminology. Most people are in your same situation. They aren’t experienced with servers. They just wanted to put a website online. The support teams should be used to this and the representative should be able to talk you through your situation without confusing you. Be sure to contact support if there are any problems. Conclusion Running a website can be hard at times, but it’s not as hard as you might think. There are just several things to think about before choosing a host and how you should go about managing your website once you finally have it set up. Just follow these tips and things should flow much easier.